by Angela Majette

illustrated by Bill Young
The inspiration
The story
A poodle is what Mary wants more than anything in the world.  Mary is hopeful that her parents will allow her to have a pet, until her parents present her with a challenge she must meet in order to get the poodle that she desires.  Will Mary give up on her dream of having a poodle, or will she rise to the challenge?  Interwoven into the story are messages of self-confidence, perseverance, and family values.
The purpose
"Being literate encompasses more than being able to pronounce words on a page.  Literacy requires a higher level of cognitive functioning that is often not the expected standard for children in primary grades, particularly children of color.

I wrote this book to help instill in children the importance of setting goals and working diligently towards their goals.  I also wanted to remind parents and teachers of the power and multiplying effect of positive reinforcement."
Heiress, Inc.
Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved
The story is a tribute to Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little, an orphan, educator, and pioneer who, in 1922, galvanized seven African-American women on the predominantly white campus of Butler University to organize what is today an international service organization comprised of approximately 100,000 women of all ethnicities who are dedicated to motivating children to greater horizons.
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